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The most important part of your dog’s diet


Water is the most important part of your dog’s diet and essential for good health. Adding vitamins and electrolytes to your dog’s daily diet, which are not provided from food, will make your dog healthier and more active. The purpose of water is to carry and move important nutrients  into and out of the cells of the body. It aids in the digestion of food  and helps the body to absorb the nutrients. Water also serves to cool the body down and works to maintain a normal body temperature.

Water lubricates and cushions joints and makes movement easier. The  spinal cord and other internal tissues are also cushioned by moisture  and helps with wastes being removed from the body. Basically every important body function requires water and without adequate water supply, your dog can become ill quickly and become dehydrated.


Question: What is DoggieWater?

Answer: DoggieWater is a sport drink for your doggie. If humans need and enjoy sport drinks, why not your doggie, that is running around in a fur coat? Sport drinks have electrolytes in them. Electrolytes are mostly salt, but we found a better more natural source, coconut water.  Then we added essential vitamins to solve another problem for your  doggie.

Question: Why electrolytes?

Answer: Because your doggie needs them to avoid dehydration. Dehydration in dogs is dangerous and needs to be avoided. Even non-active doggies can get dehydrated. Doggies require more water than humans on a pound per pound comparison.

Question: What is in DoggieWater?

Answer: The electrolytes come from natural coconut water. The vitamins are all natural. Our DoggieWater is like a best dog food with only natural flavors in steak, bacon and chicken. If you went to a  vitamin shop and bought vitamin pills, your Doggie would most likely  refuse to take them. With DoggieWater the process is simple, but an introduction for anything new, with new flavors, does not happen in a moment. Remember when you were a kid and your Mom gave you a vitamin the first time? Now they have chewy candy like vitamins for kids, and your doggie has DoggieWater.

Question: Will My Doggie like it?

Answer: Just like anything else that is new to your doggie, your doggie may need to be introduced to DoggieWater by you, the feeder of  food and water. Pour a bit over doggie’s favorite food, then add a little to water bowl. Once the taste is established, and most importantly the trust you provide as giving DoggieWater, you can pour it straight into the water bowl.

Remember, if you as a human NEVER had a flavored drink, just the village tap water, and then all of a sudden flavor was added to your water, you might be a little shocked, it might seem strange to you, right? So just like trying spicy food for the first time, take it slow to start and then Doggie will get the benefits and truly enjoy  DoggieWater. Within the first few days, your doggie will be loving  DoggieWater like a new dog toy.

Question: Can Doggie drink too much?

Answer: Never. Any excess will leave the body from the opposite side of entry. One oz. of DoggieWater per pound of your doggie per day, is  the recommended amount of DoggieWater.

Did You Know?


Your dog loses water through salvation and respiration in addition to its regular puddle. Your dog can lose more water than it takes in, leading to dehydration. Dehydration is  severe if untreated. Because water is such an important part of your  dog’s diet they should be given access to clean water at all times.


General rule of thumb, for every pound your dog weighs, it should have 1 ounce of water per day.

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