The Dogs: Henry & Eli

Henry's Story


Gastropub owner Scott forever belongs to Henry.  As fate would have it, in 2001, Henry showed up in Scott’s neighborhood, seemingly out of nowhere. Already potty-trained and fixed, Henry must have been separated  from  his previous owner. With his adventurous nature and unique personality, Henry quickly became the neighborhood’s dog. He had a readiness to  roam, so he became the local Winn Dixie’s dog. He was dognapped by a neighbor’s family, so he was briefly their dog. When Scott and his family decided to move, they knew their new house would not be a home  without Henry there.  Henry finally had a permanent home and became a Grubb: Henry Lee Grubb, to be exact. When they first took him to the vet, it was discovered that he had severe heartworms and probably would not survive. However, miracles seemed to happen often around Henry, and he pulled through.  It was then that Scott and his family realized Henry needed to be lost, in order to be found, in order to be saved.  Never losing his amicable attitude, Henry won over everyone he met.  More human than dog, Henry was loyal, even-tempered, and most importantly, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of pet.  He enjoyed exploring the streets, chasing squirrels, and hanging out with his best friend Penny.  In 2015, heaven gained another angel when Henry crossed over the Rainbow Bridge after 16 long years of life.  Despite no longer being physically with us, his spirit remains in the lives of those he touched and in the pub.  

Eli's Story


Gastropub owner's Sherree & Jesse belong to pub dog Eli.  In June of 2016  Sherree and Jesse were on their way home from their friend's wedding.   As they turned down their street, a huge owl flew out of the tree and  slammed directly into the windshield.  They turned the car around to  check on the owl, but the owl was gone! Instead, there was a dog  standing in the road looking at the car.  They took him home, fed and bathed him and let him cuddle in the bed with them for the night. The next few days they searched for his owners and worked with the shelter who had adopted him out.  They quickly learned that his name was  "Charlie" and he had not been taken care of by his first family who surrendered him.  Once adopted he continued to run away from home and was not being given the life he deserved.  His current owner had not even attempted to find him and when she heard someone was willing to keep him, she immediately surrendered her rights to him. They had the option of giving him back to the shelter, or adopting him.  Of course, he had won them over with all his cuddles and well behaved manners.  They decided to give him a new name, to go with his new life.  Eli is gentle, friendly, and lovable.  His favorite things to do are sleep, cuddle, go for rides in the car and pose for pictures.  Eli can be spotted walking around Old Town Key West or lounging at his pub.  Feel free to give him some love and get your photo with him.   Make sure to tag us in your photos! #EliThePubDog